Nail Art Designs: what Polish choose for her nails?

A bit like lipstick, Nail Polish comes to infinity. Colors, textures, application, you have the choice! Discover our personalized advice to be careful until the end of the nail.

Polish: what are my options?


Cream, Matt, iridescent, glitter, Crackle…: there is an infinite number of nail polish for nail art. Not to mention the colors! For many, the choice of varnish his life style. If your profession requires that you wash your hands repeatedly, you’ll a big Nail Polish! Either a discreet shade, you don’t see flake… You’re the impatient type, you don’t have time to pamper yourself, but you like to have beautiful nails? Throw yourself on a fast drying varnish! Some forms appear a drying time record of 60 seconds: you have no excuse! You wear fake nails? Better to avoid too dark shades for don’t get you with claws of witch. In your business, to maintain a classic style? Opt for safe values: Polish cream or matte on nails short or even filed, in pastel tones, nude or red.

Choose its painting according to his coronation

Looking for a Polish for all day or just for a night, difficult not to limit yourself to a shade! The trick: choose colors that go with her complexion. It’s the best way to get it right. Directions for use:

-If you have fair skin, you have a very wide selection. The more pronounced colors match your skin tone: bright red, black, blue Klein, Navy Blue… The best red for you: a red with a hint of rose, like a raspberry red. Avoid yellow, white, and gold, which contrast enough with your complexion.

-If you have tanned skin, all the effects are welcome: metaled, walleye, neon… These are clear and vivid colors that suit you best, as they contrast with your skin tone. Bright red, coral, light green… Attention to yellow, which can also hurt out on your skin, especially the yellow of your Inbox mailbox!

-If you have black skin, opt for warm hues, as for the color of your hair. Coffee, chocolate, red wine are your allies for a discreet look. Fancy a bit of oomph? Prefer the orange, yellow, white or orange red! Avoid: the blue, which goes unnoticed on dark skin.

Nail art designs, two-tone french: new for your nails!

Fancy something different? An evening or a date in sight? Express your personality with the nail art. This cosmetic revolution, come from Asia, blowing a fresh wind in our wardrobe. Indeed, with the nail art, your simplest outfits become sophisticated. Jean, T-shirt and two-tone french: here’s a trio out of the ordinary! Looking for a luxury manicure? We start looking for a caviar effect varnish, texture microperles brings a 3D effect to your nails! For willing, and we’re looking for a reason that we love, and we learn to draw on her nails, free hand or stencil. Degraded or Crackle effect, rhinestones or glitter: you see, you won’t be the only one to dare!


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